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Your secret weapon to expanding your reach on Messenger & Instagram and building a loyal subscriber base.

Convert Comments

Converting comments on your social media posts & ads into opportunities, turning dead ends into open roads.

Automated follow-ups

Elevate your customer support and conversion rates. We offers automated follow-ups, ensuring no customer queries or potential leads are left unanswered.

Be Omnipresent

Stay omnipresent across multiple channels including your Website, Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp. Wherever your customers are, you are.

Easy Inbox Management

Transform your customer support inbox from a cluttered mess to a controlled, streamlined process. No more chaos, only clarity.

Integration Capability

Izzybots blends in seamlessly with over 5,000 potential integrations. We ensure a smooth, integrated experience, no matter the platform.

Supercharge your competitions & launches

Stage 1 Engagement & Entry

  • 1,170 social media comments directly messaged
  • 1,018 emails collected
  • 165 merchandise store visits

Stage 2 Broadcast & Promotion

  • Sent to 972 people
  • 93.4% open rate
  • 37.5% click through rate to buy tickets
  • HALLENSTEIN-logo-111

    As a fashion retailer working with rapidly changing offers and product lines, Izzybots came to us with a way of driving measurable revenue from FB messenger. This approach perfectly fits our needs with our target audience, who are quickly changing the way they want to hear from brands, and more importantly through which channels they prefer to communicate. Izzybots helped us grow our customer data from Messenger interactions which we previously were unable to do. The team also provided amazing ideas, support, and reporting capabilities for us to continue investing in this platform with confidence.

    Hallenstein Brothers


    Our main goal was to connect with the fans and show up instantly when they need us ( providing information on games, leaderboards, events, etc.) but responding to a huge bulk of inquiries on messages, comments, stories while attempting to grow our subscriber base and increase sign ups of Silverfans has proved to be a challenge - one that we wanted to conquer. We wanted to do all of these effectively with the tools we already have. So, when Izzybots offered this simple yet revolutionary approach, we gave it a try. We saw a huge increase in subscribers and campaign users for the games that we ran campaigns for, messages were all automated so it really saved us time and we were able to provide fans time-sensitive information. The team was also able to help us build an organic database that we can utilise for future campaigns. Thank you to the wonderful team behind Izzybots!

    The Silverferns


    Izzybots has been a game changer for One New Zealand Warriors and our fan engagement. The Izzybot solution is acknowledging every fan's message, streamlining our inbox management and providing valuable information to our fans 24/7, on both FB & IG, has made a world of difference. Izzybots has also generated a new revenue channels for us, boasting 100% open rates on campaigns. Izzybots is a must-have for any team looking to connect with their fans.

    One New Zealand Warriors

  • AV

    Our chatbot is a huge part of AV Club's success. Having first started working with Joshua & the team in November 2018 and still today, it is a big success. The chatbot frees up our time, sells tickets quickly & gets more people into our nightclub, increasing our revenue and margin. Each week we send a message to over 8000 people in our Facebook Messenger subscriber list. Our average open rate in January was 89.95%. What this means for me and AV Club is I don't need to worry about people missing what events are on at our club. They always know and are always looked after. This saves us hours a week & most importantly, I don't need to worry about missed messages and checking the inbox all the time. I couldn't recommend their services enough. Absolute game-changer.

    AV Club


    Having Izzybots on board really helped free up a lot of time. Promoting our music, engaging with our fans, and managing our inbox - these were just some of the challenges we had that Izzybots easily solved. Izzybots helped improve our fan experience with instant & personalised responses to booking inquiries, automated replies to comments on our posts and Instagram stories, promoting upcoming gigs, new songs, running giveaways and selling more merchandise. It's also an awesome way for us to checking in with our fans and asking what they want to see more of. We were also able to turn off automated responses for individuals or businesses that we wanted to connect with. We highly recommend Izzybots - thanks for making our lives easier!

    Lee Mvtthews

  • Todd Sherley Real Estate

    Josh and the team at Izzybots have been a great addition to my real estate business. They created a clear USP to provide to my clients and helped me get better results than most agents. We have achieved an average of 32 inquiries per monthly for new leads and also increased open home viewings using their listing campaigns.

    Todd Sherley - Ray White


    Since implementing Izzybots, we've seen a significant increase in revenue thanks to their innovative broadcasts and competitions. Our inbox management has never been better, greatly improving our customer experience. We're thrilled with the results.

    NZ Muscle

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