What can you do with Izzybots?

Streamline your processes: from customer care, audience retention, and social engagement, to smart analytics, proactive content and more.

We get click through rates as high as 91.3%! Do the same for your business.

Building and managing a Messenger subscriber base on Facebook and Instagram

Always on duty 24/7

Proactive suggestions - go beyond automated FAQs

Near 100% readership - meet your audience where they're already at

Insights that matter.

Turn comments and clicks into revenue.

Leverage social media engagement.

Automated follow-ups that drive results.

Maximise campaigns and competitions.

Our solutions

Focus on the big picture, leave the details to us.

Sports Club


Revolutionise the way you connect with fans by bringing them closer to their favourite sport teams and players.




Display all your offersand get valuable insights, all within personalised conversations that effectively convert leads.




Want something a little bit specific or maybe even bigger? We can build whatever you need.


eCommerce & Retail


Showcase your products, provide exclusive discount codes, and increase business revenue.




Show off your menu, offer VIP discount codes, give exclusive insights, run campaigns to increase revenue and magnify engagement.


Public Figure


Build meaningful connections with your followers and run campaigns to increase your reach and social engagement.


More than a website chatbot

Typical website chatbots act as a customer service tool to answer questions. At Izzybots, our chatbots go above and beyond - so you can build significant customer relationships at every stage.

With the capability of Izzybots, here is how our website chatbots are different.
  • Each user is a Messenger subscriber; this means we can continue the conversation with people after they leave the website.
  • When you need to reply to someone and reply an hour or so later, you can still continue the conversation, unlike every other chatbot.
  • It never sleeps; you're there 24/7 for your audience.
  • Send files, images, voice memos, videos etc. with our website chatbot.
  • Conversational experts to provide the best experience for your audience.
Here are a few limitations of the two usual web chats.
  • The chatbot is too general, only causing frustration for users.
  • Unless you explicitly ask for a phone number or email address, there is no way to continue a conversation after they leave.
  • For a live chat, your team needs to respond within seconds otherwise they are gone. Extremely challenging for SME businesses.
  • In a live chat, there is no way to provide answers outside of working hours.
  • Unless they choose to arrange a call or ask for you to email, they are gone.

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