Our Work



Low email open rates and challenging to convert social media engagement into email subscribers or immediate revenue.

  • Building a Messenger subscriber base to leverage near 100% open rates
  • Use Izzybots to convert comments into Messenger & email subscribers
  • Creating highly engaging social media experiences to grow subscriber base
  • Sending broadcasts since December 2020
  • Return on spend as high as 19.02 times
  • Built a subscriber base in Messenger & helped to build the email subscriber base

"As a fashion retailer working with rapidly changing offers and product lines, Izzybots came to us with a way of driving measurable revenue from FB messenger. This approach perfectly fits our needs with our target audience, who are quickly changing the way they want to hear from brands, and more importantly through which channels they prefer to communicate through.

Izzybots helped us grow our customer data from Messenger interactions which we previously were unable to do. The team also provided amazing ideas, support, and reporting capabilities for us to continue investing in this platform with confidence."

Silver Ferns


Connecting with their fans digitally (whether watching the games from home or engaging with them when games aren't on) and making the most out of their social media assets.


Per game engagements through Instagram & Messenger with fans, broadcasts through Messenger to leverage the near 100% open rates, converting Instagram story mentions, converting Facebook comments for competitions.

  • Gained 1,163 new subscribers with 288 campaign users during NZ vs. Eng and 252 users during NZ vs. Mens
  • Received 222 IG story mentions

"Our main goal was to connect with the fans and show up instantly when they need us ( providing information on games, leaderboards, events, etc.) but responding to a huge bulk of inquiries on messages, comments, stories while attempting to grow our subscriber base and increase sign ups of Silverfans has proved to be a challenge - one that we wanted to conquer. We wanted to do all of these effectively with the tools we already have. So, when Izzybots offered this simple yet revolutionary approach, we gave it a try.

We saw a huge increase in subscribers and campaign users for the games that we ran campaigns for, messages were all automated so it really saved us time and we were able to provide fans time-sensitive information. The team was also able to help us build an organic database that we can utilise for future campaigns. Thank you to the wonderful team behind Izzybots!"

AV Club


AV Club was looking for more efficient ways to streamline their existing processes and to build a loyal customer base quickly to make their mark in the Auckland party scene.


Boost their online presence through Messenger Marketing by converting Facebook comments into Messenger subscribers and building guest lists, broadcasting special offers to the subscriber base, and using the chatbot ability to automate guest lists and other admin functions to maximise their time.

  • 10,000+ active subscribers in Messenger
  • Messaged over 7,500 people from comments on posts
  • Automated responses to over 50,000 messages they've received (generated by Izzybots & direct enquiries)
  • Average open rates in one month as high as 93.44% & click through rate of 74%
  • Izzybots campaign generated 1,422 votes to win the award

"Izzybots was absolutely instrumental to AV Club's winning the Nightlife Venue of the Year for the first time this year. Izzybots helped us to achieve an estimated 1,422 votes, which was a game-changer in our goal to win the award. Winning the award is a testament to the success we have had working with Izzybots and Josh. Having first started together in November 2018, the chatbot has increased attendance at our club, it frees up our time and drives ticket sales. We make sure to use Izzybots in every campaign as it is a complete no brainer. Our average open rate in January was 93.44% to an average of 8,233 guests. Way higher than anything else I have ever heard of. What this means for me and AV Club is I don't need to worry about people missing what events are on. They always know and are always looked after.

We also send daily messages about dress code, upcoming events, lost property, etc. This used to take up a lot of my time and was a real pain. I needed to monitor the inbox and write replies quickly which was a big distraction from what I want to focus on. Izzybots fixes this, providing people with immediate answers 24/7 without me needing to do anything. If we need to speak with them, it collects the information we need and tells me I need to respond. This saves us hours a week and most importantly, I don't need to worry about missed messages and checking the inbox all the time. Great team and a great product, cannot recommend enough."

The Blues

  • Improving the fan experience. Responding to messages in a timely manner
  • Communicating important game day information and updates to fans
  • Providing an engaging ingame experience with fans whether at the stadium or outside of the audience
  • Converting social media engagement into revenue generating engagement & a great fan experience
  • Increasing their open rates of broadcasts / mail outs
  • Increasing revenue (selling more tickets, merch, and memberships faster, increasing sponsorship revenue)
  • Creating an automated Facebook Messenger & Instagram inbox chatbot experience for direct messages & Instagram story tags providing useful information, driving sales and providing exclusives for updates from the Blues
  • Sending subscriber broadcasts to drive sales of tickets, merchandise, memberships & sponsorship revenue
  • Creating in-game experiences per game to provide useful information for fans for each game
  • Increasing email subscriber base size by integrating the gathering of emails in Messenger into their email database
  • Rapid subscriber growth and adoption
  • On demand experience for fans to engage with for the latest information

Todd Sherley


Wanting to increase the number of leads to increase the number of listings he can work with.


Running Facebook ad's to a Messenger chatbot experience gathering the required information for Todd to help them and sharing valuable information to people on Todd's behalf.


Averaging 32 enquiries per month for new leads & a noticeable increase attendance of home viewing since utilising the listings product.

"The team at Izzybots have been a great addition to my real estate business. They provide me with a clear USP to provide to my clients and help get better results than most agents. We have achieved an average of 32 inquiries per monthly for new leads and also increased open home viewings using their listing campaigns"

Lee Mvtthews

  • Managing their fan engagement across comments & story mentions
  • Generating revenue from engagement across socials (selling more merchandise and promoting own events)
  • Managing inquiries for booking
  • Converting comments on posts
  • Instagram story mention replies
  • Customising chat to not automate for certain people so they can open chats with other artists
  • Notifying management with booking inquiries for timely responses
  • Promoting upcoming events, new song releases, merch giveaways, and asking what the fans want
  • In just 2 weeks, a total of 300+ users have gone through this experience and were able to navigate through the Lee Mvtthews Izzybot
  • Artists with a certain amount of following can message their page without going through the bot experience so they can personally chat with Lee Mvtthews
  • Inquiries about booking can now be filtered with what type of event and bookings the users are inquiring about

"Having Izzybots on board really helped free up a lot of time. Promoting our music, engaging with our fans, and managing our inbox - these were just some of the challenges we had that Izzybots easily solved. Izzybots helped improve our fan experience with instant & personalised responses to booking inquiries, automated replies to comments on our posts and Instagram stories, promoting upcoming gigs, new songs, running giveaways and selling more merchandise. It's also an awesome way for us to checking in with our fans and asking what they want to see more of. We were also able to turn off automated responses for individuals or businesses that we wanted to connect with. We highly recommend Izzybots - thanks for making our lives easier! "